We feel that nutrition and sustainability are very interdependent concepts. Our philosophy for nutrition programs and sustainability efforts run along parallel paths. What is good for us is good for the planet; conversely, what is good for the planet is good for us.

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Helping To End Food Waste & Food Insecurity

The Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry helps fight against food waste and hunger in America by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and communities and donating it to people in need.

Dominican University has partnered with the Network to donate food waste produced in the dining hall. Each day, the Quest team at select accounts repackage surplus prepared foods into individual recyclable microwavable containers. All meals contain a vegetable, starch, and protein and are labeled with main allergens, protein, and packaging date. Once packaged, they are refrigerated while awaiting transport to recipient sites  

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Last semester, Dominican University Dining Services donated over 1,100 meals to the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry.

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Our Composting Initiatives

Did you now that food accounts for 20% of municipal solid waste that ends up in landfills? We think that’s too much and why we utilize services like Roy Strom Refuse Removal Service Inc. to compost food waste in the dining hall at Dominican Univeristy.

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Last year, we composted nearly 75,000 pounds of food waste at Dominican University.